Wednesday, 25 March 2009

'I Want' Wednesday

Hello. I have decided my blog shouldn't just be all Storeyshop, Storeyshop, Storeyshop. My new weekly 'I Want' posts will be featuring my favourite thing I have found to buy, or have bought, recently. I'm sure it will have lots of lovely Etsy items as I have so many 'wants' on there but I will be featuring items from all over.

The debut 'I want' spot is taken by Benny. How brilliant is he? He is made by simplijessi. There are lots of other amazingly fun and original dolls available too and she will also make custom orders! You can also see what she's up to on her lovely blog, Studio jessi.

More 'I Want' posts coming soon. Thinking about it, I may have to have more than one a week as I have lots of favourites. I better get down to the post office with my latest card orders. Happy Wednesday!

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