Sunday, 1 March 2009

Storeyshop Loves Mums

So much for my daily blog efforts. I can't believe has been over a week since my last post, this year seems to be going so fast. Happy first day of March!

Last week we went to a North East Business conference for a couple of days and then dealt with washing machine dramas for another one. Friday consisted of mopping up soaking wet floors, moving 2 faulty washing machines around the kitchen and lots of piles of (still) dirty washing. Our new Indesit washing machine arrived at 7am on the dot so I was overly excited about finally getting the last month's worth of washing done but it didn't work. It turned on and started filling up with water but then stopped and flashed it's lights. After waiting for a few hours with no success, we phoned the support helpline and without even asking what the problem was, they arranged for the machine to be collected and a new one delivered. I'm not such that that says much for the success rate of their products but we'll see..

Anyway, the Storeyshop side of life was a bit cheerier last week. Lots of Mother's Day card orders and new card designs for Mums out there are made and ready to list in the shop. There can't be anyone more deserving of a nice thank you card than the Mums can there?

Sorry about the photos. I'm working on that! My plan for the next couple of months is to organise my work space more. Storeyshop has now moved from the kitchen table to upstairs in the office. The next step is to get more shelving so I can be more tidy and organised (honestly, it's just the lack of shelving at the moment) to get a bigger, sturdier desk and finally to sort out a better mini photo studio. My photos will hopefully be clearer, brighter and maybe with nice backgrounds too.

Today I have a couple of card orders to make and some new cards to list. I'm feeling really tired though after spending the early hours of this morning stuck in stationery traffic on the A69 while the police tried to catch some runaway horses! We had been for dinner in Newcastle and then seen saw Kaiser Chiefs play at the Metro Radion Arena (it was a great show but nowhere near as good as Keane were in January). Anyway, coming home I was tired and I didn't have my glasses on. The traffic started slowing right down and there were lots of blue lights ahead of us. The next thing I see is a slightly blurry vision of a giant horse walking past the car on the other carriageway. It was so surreal! There were a couple of these stray horses getting more and more freaked out as the police chased after them on foot and in their cars with blue lights flashing away. I'm no horse whisperer but I'm sure that wasn't helping!

We were stationary for an hour and a half. Everyone was out of their cars wandering around and chatting to each other. Dave's Ibex truck got lots of attention! About an hour in to our wait, a half-naked and very drunk girl in a tiny dress was escorted out of the taxi next to us by her boyfriend. He tried (but failed) to preserve her dignity as she stumbled up the bank to relieve herself. And then fell back down the bank. Other people were running around with cameras. Horses were galloping to and fro past the cars. Honestly, it was like a dream. Helicopters were above us with searchlights beaming down and we could see quad bikes whizzing around in the fields nearby. I hope they caught all the poor horses and that they were okay.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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