Saturday, 28 March 2009

Super Geek

I don't understand computers enough to be a proper Super Geek although I wish I did. I'd like to be a whizz at web design but that side of things is still coming along very slowly. I have recently linked my website, blog and Etsy shop to Google Analytics though. It's really good. You can find out how many people look at your sites, whereabouts they are in the word, what keywords they used to find your sites, whether they came straight to your page or through other links etc etc. I think I'm a bit slow on the uptake of these things so this is probably old news but it's very handy.

I'm more of a sewing and drawing geek. I'll have to make those cards next. Actually, that could work. People could pick what type of geek their card is for and I'll make a card especially for them!

Right, must go and get breakfast and get ready to hit the road and head down to see our friends at the beer festival. Ta ra!

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