Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Storeyshop Website Coming Soon!

Well, actually it has arrived. Sort of. The Storeyshop website in it's very, very basic first state (don't laugh). I am finally getting around to sitting down and actually trying to learn some website basics. I am using Wordpress software so have spent hours reading through help sections and forums. I have never used coding before so it is all very new to me. Today I have managed to change the colour of my text to pink. That is the level of my progress!

Still, it's here and I can't have it saying 'proper website coming soon' forever so I have to get my head around it and make it look good and be worth visiting. Please have a look and check back every now and again to keep me on my toes!

Apart from trying to learn to speak HTML, I have been making some new monkeys and getting lots of card orders made and posted out. The latest monkey has just been dropped off at the post office for his flight to Finland and another is packed ready for his trip to the United States in the morning.

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