Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I Want Wednesday!

Today I woke up to sunshine, card orders and the chance to nab an Etsy treasury so all good! Here's my not-very-inventively-titled Red and White Treasury and a snapshot of it below. Enjoy! You'll need to click the link to go and see each item/shop as I haven't worked out getting pictures to link to web pages yet. That'll be my next thing to learn.

My 'I Want' for today are these handmade fish by Flora Douville. They are 'one of a kind' and come from Nantes, France. I don't know about you but I want one. I think Rodolphe, the William Morris print one, is my favourite. I love their enthusiastic smiles and I imagine they have French accents too which is always good!

All the fish are available in Flora's shop along side lots of lovely illustrated prints and the postage within Europe is free too. Flora also has a fab blog and website. Happy Wednesday!

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