Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I Want Wednesday!

I nearly missed it. I'm all muddled up after the bank holidays and have been thinking it was Tuesday all day. My Wednesday Want for today is basically anything by Reiter8 (pronounced reiterate). Reiter8 is the nicest shop ever and totally unique. You can find handmade cushions and bags 'upcycled' from boat sails. Anyone who knows me will know I love all things nautical and you can't get much more nautical than that! Lots of my favourite colours too; white (I know it's not technically a colour but it's still my favourite), red and navy blue. These are my top picks but there are lots more in the shop...

Click here to see Katherine's 'Handmade Portrait' too. I have only just found it and it's a really nice video to watch and see how the Reiter8 goodies are made. I'm going to have to treat myself to a cushion or two. Or maybe a bag.. I need a sail with a 'H' on. It's my birthday soon too!

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