Friday, 17 April 2009

The Incident

Before I stopped work on Wednesday to have dinner and watch The Apprentice (Ben should have gone in my opinion), I wrote a long To Do list of things I wanted to achieve the next day (yesterday). I decided it was going to be The Most Productive Thursday Ever. I even woke up yesterday morning remembering the mission and got up early ready to start. And then I spilt tea on the laptop.

I have had a fear for years that I would do it one day, and it happens on Most Productive Thursday Ever! The laptop shut itself down as soon as I had grabbed some tissues to throw onto the keyboard. I powered it off, took all the leads out and sat it upside down on my lap while I called Dave. It's Dave's laptop.

After some blow drying, some pieces of kitchen paper tucked between the keys and a day sitting upside down on the sofa, Dave took the laptop apart and cleaned it with some sterile distilled water we found in the first aid box which went out of date in 1997. Luckily, the tea had only gone over one corner of the keyboard and we just found a few drips under the keyboard. They were on a flat silver part (you can tell how technical I am) and not on any circuit boards or components. Anyway, to cut a long story short, she worked when we powered her back up and she is still working now!

I went straight upstairs to back up all the things I had spent the day worrying I might lose, onto the PC. Phew. Must back up more often too. Everyone reading this -do a backup today!

Well, apart from the tea on laptop incident and some time Google-ing 'what do I do if I spill tea on my laptop', I used the day fairly productively after all. I made 9 new generic cards in nice bright colours to brighten up the shop and designed some new 'I Love You More Than...' cards which will be coming soon!

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