Friday, 24 April 2009

I Love eBay Vintage

Today has a been a boring but satisfying day of accounts. Yawn. I had got a bit, erm, behind so it was very overdue. I am up to date now though, woo hoo! I still have to sort out my receipts and my freelance design accounts but I'm getting there.

To make up for my dull day of spreadsheets (and to celebrate getting them sorted) I have been on eBay. Again. I am a little bit addicted to searching for home and garden products near my house. I have just won these fab vintage deckchairs so looking forward to picking those up this weekend. And for some more sun so we can use them.

The last eBay pick up was right out in the sticks and was for this vintage mirror which was the bargain of the century. I love it. It now has pride of place on the floral wallpaper, over the wood burning stove, in the lounge. It cost the princely sum of £2.20!

Who need Kirstie Allsopp's help to do up your house? I used to like her but she's so patronising on that new handmade home programme. We know we can just pick what we like to decorate our homes. You don't need to keep telling us!

On the subject of bargain hunting, here's my new 'I Love You More Than eBay' card which is for sale now in Storeyshop.

Right, dinner and off to the pub tonight I think. Have a lovely weekend!


Nicola said...

Those are Fabulous Finds - Kirsty will have to look a bit harder next week because you've bagged all the good stuff.
Seeing as you love a bargain, I thought I'd let you know that there's some blog candy currently on my blog. Good Luck if you enter :)
Enjoy you break, you've earned it!
Nicola xx

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There'll be plenty more bargains. As long as she doesn't live within 30 miles of me! I love your stacking rings and the ones with the type on. I've hearted them so they'll be on my Etsy Mini of favourites on my blog :)