Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I Want Wednesday!

Woo hoo. Wednesday again. Halfway through the week, The Apprentice is on again tonight AND it's another 'I Want' for the week! This Wednesday, I want these little wooden, hand-painted dolls from mooshoopork. I love them. They're bright, fun, simple and stylish. I think they'd look fab on my bookshelves at home.

The best thing is that you can order custom dolls! What a great present for a family -a little family of tiny wooden versions of them. I highly recommend a browse of mooshoopork's shop, for presents or for you. They are so well painted and are varnished with non-toxic materials. There is even a man doll in the shop with a little goatee beard. Oh, if only I knew someone with a goatee!

Well, today has been very productive. I have made and posted 3 personalised card orders and finished off some designs for a competition which needed posting today too. I have entered a couple of drawings for the competition which is run by The Royal Mint to come up with new designs for 50p pieces to celebrate the London Olympics. I didn't have much time as I only found out about the competition a couple of days ago but thought I may as well post off what I had come up with. You never know!

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littlepapoose said...

Thanks so much for posting my dolls!!
and congrats on the productive day! i love days like that :)