Thursday, 2 April 2009

New Little One In Town

Woo hoo! There is now a new, teeny, tiny member of our family. Daniel was born on Monday. Congratulations to Malcolm, Jo and Sally on their new addition! I can't wait to meet him...

Today is so lovely and sunny. I am really hot in just a t-shirt sewing monkeys by the window. One of the monkeys I am making may actually be my favourite ever too. All is good. I have just succumbed and bought a mixed set of postcards from Yuuco who I blogged about yesterday. She is as lovely as she sounds from her shop notices too! I am going to frame the prints and put them in the hallway I think.

Right, I am going to go out in the sun. I need to post some cards and most of the 'no coat' weather! Oh yeah, just before I go, I have added a new Etsy Mini of my favourite items on Etsy at the moment. It is down there on the right. It will constantly update whenever I find new items I love (quite regularly then) so keep an eye on it for lovely things. Clicking on any of the photos will take you straight to where you can find out more about them ...and buy, buy, buy!

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