Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Back in the city

I'm back at a desk in an office in central London. About the most different surroundings to my normal ones of 'sewing in the lounge' or 'cutting out cards on the kitchen table' that you can get. It's making a nice change but the early starts and train journeys are already taking their toll. I think I have the beginnings of a sore throat. But that might just be from a very smokey bonfire party on saturday night. Hopefully.

Talking of fireworks night, there is video footage of me running away from an exploding bonfire so I'll have to get hold of it to add on here! It's funny and not as dangerous as it sounds. I was just worried about my new 'Topshop special' coat getting burn holes.

Going to get some photos developed at lunchtime from my old school 35mm camera. I'm excited. It's one of those films which has all different things on from just having my camera in my bag on random occassions. I love getting photos back. I'll add some on here if there's any good'uns..

Oh yeah I'm also excited as lots of people (well, 59 ..not bad!) have joined our Storeyshop Facebook group. Just need all their friends to join. And all their friends. And all THEIR friends...

Ta ra

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