Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Back Oop North

I'm back up north after what seems like ages but is, actually, just over a week. It's nice to be back but does feel very quiet after my manic week working in London and my busy weekend catching up with friends and family in Brighton.

My monkeys arrived back in the UK today after their brief trip to the US! Long story but they're back so hopefully it will be a nice sunny day tomorrow so I can take nice photos of them and get them on Etsy over the next few days.

I have lots of card orders and a monkey order to do this week. I'm also planning some handmade christmas presents for people so I better get going!

Today has been one of those unpacking, washing, hanging-all-the washing-outside-on-the-line-then-getting-it-all-back-in-because-it-rains kind of days. It didn't start well when I managed to knock my cereal bowl off the kitchen top this morning and it smashed all over the floor along with it's Rasisn Bran Flake contents. Since then I have packed up lots of parcels (eBay rather than Etsy this time) sent them all off and done boring housework. I actually just brought the hoover upstairs to er, hoover but I decided to update my blog instead!

Sorry todays update has been a bit boring. Here's the perfect photo to accompany it from our recent trip to Blackpool (it was unimaginably bad)..

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