Friday, 23 November 2007

Yay, It's friday!

I woke up this morning to find that the sun was out and it was bright blue sky. Hurray! Every other day this week has been a bit dull and grey and rubbish for taking photos. I took some Etsy pics while it was nice and then spent the rest of the morning picking monkeys eyes out! Someone bought two monkeys last night but wanted their stitched eyes changed for button ones and, also, one of the monkeys I made yesterday had to have his eyes changed too. I don't know why but they just looked a bit weird before!

Card making this afternoon. I had 3 orders to do and send off before I head to London to work next week. Freelancing back with the art girls on the magazine. I'm looking forward to going back. They'll have the cheesey Christmas music on!

Anyway, cards. I can't put photos up of one of them just in case someone sees it who shouldn't but here are the other 2..

I had to do one of the cards twice as I cut my finger and bled on the first one. It was nearly finished too. I nearly cried. It's always been a fear of mine as I do cut myself quite often with the super-sharp scalpel but until today I had got away without ruining a card. Oh well, I'm all plastered up now and good to go.

Well it's friday night and I have no plans. A bit sad really. I have new shoes and everything! Maybe I'll take Dave down the local. It's not a high heels place but nevermind. I really fancy custard too for some reason. The kind from a carton. I think it's because we never had shop-bought custard at home when I was little and I've only had it a couple of times at other people's houses. Well, I have purchased my own for the very first time!

Have a nice weekend
Ta ra

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