Thursday, 1 November 2007

Proper winter

I can't believe it's November already! That means I have been living up north for 5 months! Is doesn't seem that long which I'm sure is a good thing. I'm feeling settled in and quite enjoying the mix of making things in my little house in the sticks most weeks and doing the odd crazy, busy week freelancing in London.

Went for dinner and to the cinema last night. A proper date! Made Dave sit through Ratatouille. Poor boy. It was good and so well done but it did seem long with Dave yawning away next to me and I'm sure we'll end up sitting through it again with my neices and nephew or with Dave's friends' kids in the very near future!

Right, Storeyshop. I finished another 3 bags yesterday (one brown spotty one which will match Beca's spotty boxes currently on Etsy) so I think I might do something different today. I have been planning to try and make animal shaped purses too so I might try that. I fancy making more cards too. I have 3 more card orders actually and some more possibles on the way so that's cool.

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