Saturday, 17 November 2007

Fab feedback

I had some lovely feedback on Etsy recently and kept meaning to add it on here. So I have finally got round to it. I made an anniversary card for a lady in the US, called Sharon, for her and her husband's wedding anniversary at the end of this month..

Sharon's feedback said "AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Card!!! This has got to be the best card I will ever give anyone! Thank you so very much :)" How good is that! It makes it all worthwhile!


Mary Ann said...

Great feedback and I can see why - that is the most awesome card I have ever seen. Off to see the rest of your shop.

Morgan Street said...

I can't wait to add this card to my blog also. (He's suddenly taken to reading my blog) so I can't blog about his lovely card until AFTER the date! Thanks so much - I can't wait to show it off!!!


shunklies said...

You deserve the great feedback it is a wonderful card. Great feedback from people makes the hard work so worthwhile doesn't it!

malevolent-mimi said...

Yes feedback VERY well deserved. Actually I found your shop because of morgan =]

Beautiful craftsmanship.
I caannot believe you hand cut those all on your own. How are your hands sweetie??